What are Zygor Guides?

Simply put, they are plugins that you insert to your World of Warcraft installation folder that creates an in-game guide for leveling in all aspects of the popular MMORPG. Leveling 1-90 is a task in itself but you also have other tasks such as leveling primary professions such as tailoring or blacksmithing, secondry professions such as fishing or cooking, collecting pets, raids, dailies, achivements, titles, and reputation. When you add all of these up it is quite a painstaking task to make your toon one of the best on your chosen server.

This is where Zygor Guides can help you by creating an in-game guide that informs you of the best possible way of leveling your character.

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There are a number of guides available for each aspect of leveling:

Leveling & Loremaster

This guide tells you, step by step, what order you should be completing your quests and where to go to complete them. It comes complete with a waypoint arrow that can be customised in-game. This guide was created to help you to level from 1-90 in as little time as possible. This guide also helps you to gain the Loremaster achievement, one of the most sought after achievements in the game.

Dailies & Events

One of the main problems with World of Warcraft is that when you hit that top level then people start to think ‘Ok, so what’s next?’. This is where dailies and events come into play. Dailies are there for higher level toons and are created to allow people to gain reputation with certain factions for rares such as gear or mounts. There are dailies in places such as Outland, Northrend, Deepholm, Firelands and of course Pandaria.

Events are seasonal and you can generally find them on your calendar when you login. There are currently 12 events which happen in World of Warcraft that allows you to try and obtain unique quests and achievements.

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Dungeon & Gear Guides

Every boss in every dungeon is different and each requires certain strategies to beat them, especially in raids. This is where Zygor’s dungeon & gear guide helps the most. The guide helps all classes such as healers, tanks and DPS. This guide will also help you with quests in dungeons and also help you to find the best gear for your level and which dungeon to get them in.

Profession & Achievement Guides

Learning a new profession can be daunting and require’s a lot of learning. If a profession is learned wrongly then it can get awfully expensive, thus taking longer as you grind more gold to pay for learning. With the right guide the cost of learning a profession can be kept to a minimum therefore allowing you to learn it quicker. Step in Zygor’s profession’s and achievements guide and you will be an expert crafter in no time.

There are also in-game achievements that can be obtained and there are an awful lot of them. This guide allows you to get these achievements without the frustration of not knowing how to do it. You can earn those titles that you so crave.

Pet & Mount Guides

The game currently hosts around 100 vanity pets for members to collect. Since the addition of pet battles with the release of Mists of Pandaria pet collecting has become even more popular. It was a popular hobby anyway, but moreso since Mists of Pandaria. With the pets & mounts guide you can get the very best pets and mounts in the game a lot easier.

Title, Reputation & Macro Guides

Gaining reputation with certain factions is a must if you want to get rare pets, gear, crafting recipes, etc. Grinding reputation can be time consuming but with the right guide this can be made easier. However, by gaining reputation you can also unlock titles, which comes with bragging rights really, but that is all a part of the game, isn’t it? So show off your title to everyone by gaining reputation quicker.

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Zygor have also thrown in a macro guide which can make your in-game experience an easier one. This guide has pre-made macros and also teaches you to make your own based on your style of play.

All in all Zygor is the ultimate World of Warcraft guide and can help to ease your gaming experience in this huge world (that is only getting bigger).